The Five Beliefs of the Genesis II Church

To become a member of the Genesis II Church one must believe and live by our set of five beliefs. That is the only requirement for membership. You might think, Oh, these are nice cute beliefs to have, but for us, they are much more than a few superficial beliefs. They are deep rooted convictions that we continue to practice.

1. We of the Church believe in doing good deeds
This belief seems pretty much self-explanatory, but maybe not. Every time you do a good deed you make the world a little bit better place. As a person does good deeds for other people without expecting anything in return he begins to feel a little bit better about himself. He enjoys his good deed and the person he helps enjoys his good deed. Because of one good deed two people feel a lot better. Good deeds are generally for the enjoyment of the doer, not the receiver.

All of us need to see that it is every human's responsibility to personally participate in changing this world, or it will not be done. We do good deeds without expecting payment or reward because it is the right thing to do.

Some Examples of Good Deeds
• Stopping along the road to help a motorist fixing his tire or going for gasoline
• Helping our neighbor carry a lot of heavy things out of his house
• Helping the proverbial old lady, or a blind person cross the street
• Giving the shoe shine boy an extra buck

There are thousands of deeds we can do that do not encourage laziness in those  we help. This belief is not a religious requirement, it simply helps make the world just a little bit better place to live. Don’t worry about what the other guy is doing – just do your good deeds and the reward is that another act of kindness has been done. You are always rewarded with more than you did. If you do it right, the good deed is more for you than for the person or persons you helped. Over time, it affects all you do, as it reshapes your passion towards life. Simply by doing good deeds each day we all can make the world a better place.

2. We of the Church believe in good health for all mankind
Ministering to the needy and healing the sick has been the work of churches throughout the ages. Our major function is slightly different. We bring health to the sick. Our Church discovered various technologies not known to the general public, which when used, will bring health regardless of the disease that might be present. 

These technologies, for the most part, have been known for more than 70 years but have been blocked by the AMA and FDA and have consequently not become known to the healing community. First our Bishop, and now the Church have been rediscovering this known but ignored technology, and are now using it to bring health to the sick. That’s what we do. We use MMS and a number of other powders, solutions, herbs, chemicals and technology to quickly bring health to those who are sick. These mentioned solutions have now become the Health Sacraments of our Church, and they alleviate much of the world’s suffering and prevent many deaths. More than 5 million have been treated so far. This is making the world a better place.

One very important unique thing about the Genesis II Church is that we bring health to those who are sick free of charge.

Please see or our forum for testimonies. We add more each week. We have testimonies from many people who have had a multitude of different illnesses that plague mankind. Some are man-made for the purpose of making money, enslaving the world and controlling the population.

We have developed Sacraments using the cleansing waters of our Church, (MMS1, MMS2 and others). As of 12/18/2014, we have 1400+ Health Ministers in over 110+ countries and over 2000 Church members using these cleansing waters to bring health to themselves and others. That is why we are unique.

Each member carries an I.D. Card, with or without a Photo, which states:

This card signifies that this member of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing has the God-given, unalienable right to control and maintain their personal health. All members are exempt from any means not chosen, including but not limited to: vaccinations, medications, X-rays, scans, mandatory voting, and health insurance mandated by a human government or authority. Genesis II Church members have the God-given, unalienable right to choose products for their health, including but not limited to: food, plants, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and all remedies in any quantities they consider useful or necessary for their personal health or the health of their families. All members have the right to freely acquire these products for the health of themselves and for other members of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, and to maintain such products at their place of abode or wherever they deem necessary.

Note: The Genesis II Church will vigorously prosecute any and all persons who violate the religious rights of members of our Church. If any of this member’s rights are violated, he or she will contact the Genesis II Church.

This I.D. Card is becoming more and more important in a world where we have to protect our individual rights. It is a unique card and can protect your rights to purchase herbs, foods and natural remedies. It also allows you to be exempt from mandatory vaccinations. All members are entitled, without any charge, to our Sacraments for health. To protect yourself and your family, join our Church. It’s low cost and gives great benefits.

3. We of the Church believe in doing what is right
This belief is also self-explanatory, it is utter simplicity. Always do what is right. It has been said that “You always get what you get, because of what you do”. Do the right thing and you will always get better results. You are a grown person. No book can cover all situations, but you personally can. You don’t need commandments you just need what you already know, in order to do what is right.

According to Natural law, you inherently know what is right and what is wrong.

In the final analysis, if you do what you inherently know is right, then that is the right thing to do. So always do it; always choose to do what is right. It makes life so much easier and so much more pleasurable. Don’t listen to anyone but yourself in this regard and you will make the world a better place.

4. We of the Church believe in freedom for all mankind
Documents through the ages, for thousands of years have shown that all governments are most effective and most ethical at the time they are formed. After only a few years, each government begins to make slaves of its citizens by increasing its control over them and when complete control seems to have almost arrived, the government falls apart. The citizens revolt or they leave. The basic story is always the same. In the U.S. today, the government confiscates at least 6 billion dollars of private property, cars, bank accounts, and houses each year. There is no appeal to this confiscation. They can arrest any person for no reason and hold them as long as they wish. This final insult to freemen was signed into law by president Obama within the last two weeks. It is now 23/01/2012.

America became the greatest country in the world because it had freedom, but now that the freedom is gone and so is the greatness. It is probably the most dysfunctional  country on the face of the planet. At this time, the only thing that will restore its greatness is the return of freedom. The World Bank can make more and more loans and keep the satellite banks going, but they continue to take homes, and the economy continues to decline. This is happening globally. The World Bank and the people who are running the world do not want it to improve. They want passive, incoherent slaves. Many years ago, during the Cold War with Russia, there was much widespread fear of atomic annihilation at any moment. At that time, L.Ron Hubbard said (this is paraphrasing) there is a lot more danger of the world going out with a whimper than with a bang. We are now in the process, the world is going out with a whimper.

But now the Genesis II Church is beginning to work for freedom. All of us, including you, will be able to make the world a better place. The Genesis II Church is creating good things much faster than the bad guys are creating bad things. Our sacraments are being used; MMS and CDS are curing diseases faster than men and women can create new diseases in the laboratories of the world. 

5. We of the Church believe in enlightening others with truth
Our newsletters enlighten people. We and other writers on the web try to inform people, but much of humanity is watching TV every evening. They are oblivious to the plan that will make them slaves (this is mostly complete; if you are in the U.S, you are a slave). It is our job to enlighten humanity about this fact.

Throughout history, the slave masters have taken all that the slaves produced, leaving them only a little to live on. The slaves were told how to educate their children, and all parts of their lives were regulated. Do you think that isn’t true now? Nothing is different now. You give up at least 67% of your earnings to the slave masters (the government) and most people actually give up to 80% and more.

Mankind is just beginning to see it. You may say, “I only give 30% to the government.” But  what about the taxes on your purchases, on your gasoline, on your property, and on every part of your life? Those who don’t see it are still watching TV every evening. With the excuse of security, the government has taken 99% of our freedom and most of what we produce. In the past, slave masters furnished housing and even food, but it is easier for them now – they have us furnish these things for ourselves while they take everything else. It is our job to enlighten mankind about these facts.

The governments are now the Flim Flam man. They have convinced people that they need to be slaves in order to be free. They have done this not only in the U.S. and Europe, but throughout the world. The only place in the world that free men have ever existed was in the USA for about 125 years, from 1776 to the early 1900s, and they created the greatest country the world has ever known. Then income tax was imposed and the Federal Reserve was created, and the freemen slowly became slaves while sleeping their birthright away. But humanity is waking up and the slave master’s control has in some places completely failed. America should have been the first place where the slave master’s control failed, but it wasn’t, and it still remains to be seen whether freedom will again rule, or whether we will go out with a whimper. One thing you can do is share our newsletters with your neighbors. As time goes on, there will be other things all of us can do. It is our job, along with others on the internet to enlighten humanity of these facts.

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