Genesis 2 Church - Chapter #291 offers shipping services throughout Canada - Servicing every province and region.

Genesis 2 Church - Chapter #291 chooses to be transparent in our pricing and shipping costs – we know the cost of shipping can be pricey, and it’s uncomfortable for us. Unfortunately, these are the standard rates from UPS. Because we're a small organization, we don't qualify for lower rates provided to big-box shops, so we simply can't compete.

We want you to know:

The markup on our shipping fees is minimal, because we prefer that over inflating the prices of our products to 'cover' shipping costs. “Free shipping” is a manipulation of the client – the reality is that all costs need to be absorbed somewhere, and “free shipping” just means “higher product prices”.

But know that shipping fees include: crush-proof DuraBox (extra care and packaging materials) to protect your shipment ($1.50). UPS charge for signature upon delivery ($1.50), and UPS postage rate.

We believe in transparency, and feel it is important to stay true to our mission of keeping the cost of Genesis 2 Church sacraments as affordable as possible.

So there are the 'mindful shopping' facts. If you buy from us, you're supporting our local Genesis 2 Church chapter. And as always, we are grateful to be at your service.